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"Les' years of personal experience, his career

working with internationally recognized artists, bring a depth of knowledge unsurpassed by any other teacher or working professional that I know."

 - Mike Mathews 

"Les is a brilliant dance teacher and choreographer.  He is dedicated towards excellence and he possesses the unique ability to not only inspire dancers but also to challenge them on a very deep level."

 - Patricia Brewer Jones

"As a teacher, Les imparted the wisdom of the past and the value of learning and acknowledging the work done by innovative thinkers and movers who are part of dance history.  Through the work he did, he demonstrated the role dance plays in shaping the individual and society's humanity."

 - Felice Moskowitz

"Les Watanabe is a world-class artist who is articulate, intelligent and passionate.  He is a great communicator who bridges the artistic and academic worlds.  Les exhibits an ideal balance of professionalsim, humility, talent and dedication."

 - Anita Mitchell - Director: Northwest Conservatory of Dance.

"I have encountered very few instructors in this profession with such perception, gentle wisdom, awareness and mastery of the teaching process as Les Watanabe."

 - Joel Moreno

"There are few I know of in both my personal and professional life that are held at a higher example of human character and inspiration."

- Jeff Michels

"I consider Les in the top percentile of dance artists, both as a performer and as a teacher.  I have watched his fine work and find him to be that unusual artist who is able to communicate to students his own amazing gifts."

 - Donald McKayle

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